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All At Sea

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Deadbird Colour Poster Idea 2

This was another illustration idea I had for the Deadbird poster series, its been done in acrylic on canvas and its my favourite so far.


More Deadbird Illustrations

Playing around with another poster illustration idea form Deadbird


Checkout Deadbird!

The Black and White version of my poster for Deadbird


Go to the site and see whats out there!



Completed acrylic on canvas painting called 'Surfacing' in time for the exhibition I had in Vienna last October.  I loved painting this.


Under My Breath

A large painting of bubbles underwater I completed at the start of the year.  Acrylic on canvas, 60cm x 80cm.


Recent Work

I'm currently working on a series of portraits and this is one if the first.  There are 15 in the series, I've done 4.  I'm aiming at doing one per month, which means being very strict with myself on scheduling time.  Right now I'm working full time hours at the museum and then coming back to the lilly pad to paint from 6pm - 10pm everyday and paint for 12 hours each day at the weekend.  Fitting writing in around it and actually seeing my friends and family is a tough call, thankfully the lighter hours make getting up super early much easier.


Deadbird Poster

I know I haven't written anything on this blog in a while - disgraceful!  But I have been doing a lot of writing for Deadbird, the online art magazine for emerging artists:

I got a chance to create a poster and after some scribbling of ideas, came up with this, coming to wall space in Edinburgh, Glasgow and London very soon!


Work in Progress

This is a more serious piece I'm working on, I really enjoy strong contrasts of light and dark and this is a theme I'm exploring with this.  This is just the first layer of paint down, so the detail is on its way, only the basic tones are in right now, its something I'm considering putting into Vienna, so we'll see how that goes :)

Found by Torchlight

I wanted to paint an octopus like I had happened upon it underwater with my torch, or it had happened upon me!  

Mucking about with colour - life is never still

A canvas I have been messing around with, more of an experiment with light and colour than anything else, fun to do, a mini project!  Its got some way to go before its finished, however its looking good thus far.

Adventuring Around

I haven't blogged on here (or anywhere actually) for months and I thought it was about time I did.  I've been silly busy; working on a couple of seascape commissions and taking a few jaunts down to London as well as working the day job at the Museum - one the best day jobs on the planet, the people I work with are awesome.

I did take a couple of pictures to put up on my blog, but completely forgot to take the USB with me - as am out and about today, what a fool!  Anyway, this picture I took on one of those London jaunts and is me with a couple of friends enjoying prosecco in the top floor of Tate Modern - I was hoping to hang up one of my paintings while they caused a distraction, but the prosecco was a distraction for us so I didn't.

'Excuse me madam, you forgot your painting'
'No I did not, that is for sale, sir'

So I am featured on the International Emerging Artists Online Gallery, check it out here:

No distraction techniques were used on this gallery. /:).

Whats also exciting new and happening is that I will have two of my paintings on show in an exhibition in Vienna, late October time.  I will write more about that closer to the time, until then I will continue to be adventuring around the place.


Exhibition on in Fife


Been a super busy weekend!  My first ever exhibition of my marine life paintings is on at the Lunardi Gallery, so if you get a chance, please check it out. 


Silver Jack Fish - Work in Progress

This long painting of a school of silver jacks is a work in progress.  Like most of my images on this blog, the photo has been taken in bad lighting with my mobile so you can't see a lot of the detail.  I really need to get better at taking photographs of my work!

I am using acrylic as always and a lot of ink.



I'm not actually a massive fan of dolphins, I think I prefer the really ugly fish like Anglers and Wobbegongs to something to pretty as a dolphin, but, egged on by my friend I agreed to give painting dolphins a go and it was fun. 



Blue Spotted Stingray, spotted on a dive half way between the outer Great Barrier Reef and Papua New Guinea.

I painted this in acrylic on canvas, its 60x40cm.

Recent Commission

I just finished this commission last weekend, its not my usual subject but I love doing portraits - my most favourite part of portrait painting is the eyes, I love painting eyes!



I woke up from a dream with this strong image in my head of a school of hammer heads swimming past me.  This is my first stab at capturing the feeling and image that I woke up with, the next painting of these guys will be much much bigger.  I normally work from photographs I've taken, so this was a first for me.



Finished at the end of last week this Manta Ray was done in acrylic and white ink on canvas.  I worked from a fuzzy photograph I took while in the Maldives, there was a lot of plankton in the water on this dive, hence the appearance of the big manta.


Ever Changing Octopus

The Ever-Changing Octopus, acrylic on canvas.  This was painted from a photograph I took while diving in the Maldives, there is a lot of detail in this and I really enjoyed working on it.


Tiger Shark

The completed 80 x 90 acrylic on canvas piece.  I love sharks, they are amazing animals to be in the water with.  Every shark has a different personality, for instance, Tiger Sharks are very shy, contrary to popular belief, and its a real challenge to be able to dive with them.   


Fur Seals

A painting of two young fur seals, done from a photograph taken in Tasmania, while I was diving the kelp forests.  This painting is currently on display in the Watchtower Gallery, Tweedmouth

Work In Progress

This is large Tiger Shark painting I'm working on, I've posted it as black and white purely because it is a work in progress, the painting is, in reality, full colour. 


About to Land

As a surfer I really enjoy trying to capture the raw energy of the sea onto canvas.  This is acrlyic on 80 x 90cm canvas and was good fun to do. 



Acrylic on canvas, finished at the weekend.


Crazy Clouds

Acrylic on canvas 30x90.  This was done from a photo I took while walking the hound along a local beach.  The clouds were incredible, resulting in some interesting reflections.



A quick sketch of my dog Tasmania, who likes to lay around beside my feet when I'm painting.  Pose achieved through strategic placement of biscuit (not pictured.)


Moody June Beach

This is a recently finished commission; a seascape of a local beach in Berwick.  I used acrylic and white ink to bring out the detail in the waves and the light effects in the reflections.  The awful weather we’ve been having has had a couple of benefits, namely a few good surfing days and amazing clouds like these, which are great to paint.  This is quite a large, long canvas, so taking a photo of it was tricky.



This is one of the little illustrations I did for my business cards inserts.  I haven’t posted anything in a while, purely because I’ve been working on several paintings.  I have too many ideas and not enough time in the day to get them out of my head and onto canvas! 

Great White Shark

This is a photo of a Great White Shark painting I did, which recently sold at the Irving Gallery in Berwick Upon Tweed where some of my paintings are on display.  Sharks are a favourite subject of mine, having had the special pleasure of diving with a number of species I am am an avid supporter of shark conservation.  Sharks are so misunderstood, but hugely important to the health of our oceans, a fact more people need to be aware of as they are being hunted to near extinction.  Currently I am working on a large Tiger Shark painting.


Angler Fish

Angler fish - acrlyic and ink on canvas.  Angler fish are amazing creatures; I guess they appear pretty ugly but up close their eyes are full of colour and fire, like sunken jewels.

The Selkie

The Selkie - acrlyic on canvas.  When I painted this I was living in a single room in a B&B, having just returned to the UK from Australia, trying to find work and place to live amid the economic crash.

Big Skies

I feel a strong connection with the sea – so much that I get land-sickness when I’m too far away from it.  There’s something lovely about gazing out to sea, watching waves roll in and clouds tumbling above. I’ve always loved the Dutch master’s approach to seascapes, giving room for dramatic skies as well as seas.  This painting was done from a photograph and was a lot of fun to do.

Coming Soon...

Am working hard to try and get some of my most recent artwork up, but have been super busy.  Will be posting up images of finished work so please keep checking, this space will look a whole lot better soon...

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